The California Latino Water Coalition is dedicated to improving the state's diminishing water supply, a movement that helps to ensure the continued economic growth and prosperity of California. We understand the huge impact water has on all communities, and therefore work on all levels to advocate legislation promoting improved water infrastructure, governance, and conservation. Our work includes organizing community events to educate the public and gain support as well as working with elected officials to encourage the passage of sensible legislation.

The Latino Water Coalition has been at the forefront of organizing peaceful marches and rallies in the Central Valley, including the biggest rally ever held in front of Fresno city hall, in order to increase awareness of the lack of water that is plaguing the entire state of California. Our March for Water in April 2009 brought together over 3,000 people for a four-day march from Mendota to San Luis Reservoir. The publicity and popularity of the march led Governor Schwarzenegger to urge lawmakers to accelerate work on the "Two Gates Project", which will help to alleviate clashes over the movement of water and protecting the endangered Delta smelt in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region.


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